Nollywood Actress Becomes Highbridge Homes Brand Ambassador

Nollywood Actress Becomes Highbridge Homes Brand Ambassador

Renowned Nollywood actress and movie producer, Joke Jigan, is set to explore the exciting world of real estate marketing.

She has just earned for herself a new deal, which makes her the brand ambassador of Highbridge Homes Limited.

Joke closed the juicy deal recently when when she signed a one-year contract with the Managing Director of the leading real estate brands, Mr Olawale Popoola, whose headquarters is located on the bourgeoning Lekki corridors of Lagos State.

Speaking during a colourful reception held at Royals Plaza, along Lekki-Epe Expressway, Joke said: “I am very glad to announce to my fans that I just got signed on as Highbridge Homes Limited Brand Ambassador. And I am very excited about it. I can say that I’m the happiest person on earth today.”

The Nollywood actress is indeed optimistic that she will bring in “lots of clients, greater positivity and close in more sales for Highbridge Homes Limited,” even though it’s her first time to take a plunge into the competitive world of real estate marketing.

She is equally excited about the fact that her first experience is with a reputable firm like Highbridge Homes Limited. “You know what? A whole lot of goodies comes with my new status as Highbridge Homes Brand Ambassador. Please, do not ask for more details. Let’s leave it at that; because the package is awesome.”

“I am going to utilise all social media handles, television and print media to sell the brand out there; because as I am selling the brand I am also selling myself. Yes; I can quit acting for real estate,” Joke added.

Obviously, the Managing Director of Highbridge Homes Limited indeed made the right choice in picking Joke, who in all ramifications has shown herself as a soul mate. “I am very happy he chose me. Highbridge and I will go places. From its current level of performance, we will go to blown capacity,

“I admire the skills of the MD of Highbridge, very much. He is a very focused and hardworking person. He knows his onions in this business; he has been doing it for years and he is never distracted. I’m certain that my coming into the firm will do a whole lot to bring more customers to Highbridge Real Estate firm,” Joke assured.

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